The Toronto Lymphocare Centre focuses primarily on the prevention, treatment and awareness of the condition of lymphedema. Using Combined Decongestive Therapy, the therapists at the centre treat primary and secondary lymphedema. The centre has a strong emphasis on client education, empowerment and self-care techniques. We will also instruct family members or support people to help lymphedema clients with ongoing maintenance techniques.

The Toronto Lymphocare Centre also provides information sessions, one-day workshops and conference presentations on lymphedema and its treatment. In addition to this we provide training to health care professionals in Integrated Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy.

We are actively involved in bringing awareness of lymphedema and its treatment to health care professionals, those at risk of developing lymphedema and those who currently have the condition. We have created information pamphlets which are available at no cost to interested people and institutions. We also write articles on this subject for publication and have published the workbook “Where the Rivers Meet the Sea” on using the mind-body connection in the management of lymphedema.

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